We wear many hats…

Figuratively and literally, there’s a lot of mad hatting going on here.

Many Hats Productions provides intelligent, versatile and multi-talented assistance in getting things done.
Located in New York City, Many Hats Productions serves the fine folk of the city that never sleeps*.

As you can see, this site is still undergoing some construction. For the nonce you can email lily@manyhatsproductions.com to request details and pricing for any of the following services:

Digital Projects

  • Strategy and research for introducing new web-based tools to site or company
  • Digital communications, including social media and web-ready content
  • Introduction to the 21st Century
  • Website architecture & design
  • All Things WordPress
  • Google Apps for Business
  • Google Apps for Non-profits
  • Paperless office conversion

Brain Punks

Have you taken leave of your senses? Probably not, though others say you have. Try bouncing your crazy ideas off a head that wears many hats: you’ll be surprised by how high our threshold for wackiness is. If your project looks nuts on paper and is even nuttier in real life, you’ll probably need assistance from begoggled and unfettered mad hatters.


  • Design for theater (non-union)
  • Board operation
  • Rigging
  • Design for photo/film
  • Residential
  • Commercial


  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Ghost-writing
  • Copy and copy editing
  • Editing
  • Web-ready content
  • Newsletters
  • Grant writing
  • Resumé development

Technical Assistance

  • Gallery Hanging
  • Shoot production
  • Inventory
  • Manual labor
  • Handyman services


  • Greeting cards
  • Invitations
  • Thank-yous
  • Gifts
  • Collectibles
  • Manuscripts


  • Event planning
  • Management
  • Production
  • Extra hands
  • Research


  • Band management
  • Bookings
  • Branding
  • Session musicians
  • Vocalists
  • Party music

There’s no excuse for shoddy work.

*Note: New York does actually sleep, around 3:30 or 4pm, when restaurants close to prep between lunch service and dinner service, and everyone at a desk suddenly gets very drowsy.

Current web projects: The Global Day  |  The Aleph Society  |  Perry Davis Associates